Mergers & Acquisitions

Overview.  In complex transactions for which experienced legal counsel is essential, business owners turn to Moisan Legal P.C.  Our attorneys' have successfully completed a full range of M&A transactions on both the buy side and sell side at all stages of development.  We implement a client centric approach that reflects the client's business and personal objectives, business profile, as well as the unique nature of the specific transaction.

In addition to negotiating, drafting and reviewing business sale offer letters and agreements, we advise and assist business owners and investors with a wide range of issues including

- Advising on practical business and financing issues related to the transaction

- Assisting with the selection of the right business entity, such as partnership, Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation or C-Corporation to secure the most desirable tax benefits and liability protection

- Advising on employment matters attendant to business transactions including contingency on the continued employment of employees and relocation issues

- Advising on discovering and managing liens and other corporate liability issues

- Negotiating terms and structure of earn-outs as part of compensation for sellers

- Advising on the laws of local jurisdictions affecting the business as well as any applicable licenses and permits required for legal operation of the business

Philosophy.  Regardless of the form of transaction, merger, stock purchase or asset purchase, our goal is to maximize the value of the transaction for our clients.   Our lawyers understand that each deal is unique and often an emotional process.  We not only identify each client's individual objectives, but also provide strategic support throughout the transaction.    This approach ensures a structure that is consistent with our clients' desired outcomes. 

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