Moisan Legal provides a wide range of services to artists, filmmakers, production companies, curators, collectors, writers, and talent who straddle the worlds of fine art, commercial art, design, and advertising. We lead negotiations of long-term exhibitions of art in museums and galleries as well as short-term, public displays of art sponsored by private fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands.  We structure short and long-term licenses of media content, artwork, and film while managing and protecting associated intellectual property portfolios and publicity rights. Our attorneys also participate in forging sound corporate structures for the financing and distribution of visual content, sound effects, media, and film.


Moisan Legal provides high-quality, sophisticated legal counseling on day-to-day compliance and business matters.  Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds that allow them to successfully and creatively address a wide range of business and legal issues encountered by our clients on a daily basis. Our goal is to not only help with the immediate legal need, but also provide strategic guidance that ensures future success.  We regularly give counsel on issues ranging from business formation and management, financing arrangements, streamlining contracts, technology development, vendor and supply structures, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.


Moisan Legal acts as outside general counsel to a variety of advertising, branding, media, and production companies to. We design and implement internal systems to review, clear, and leverage creative content that is distributed throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our practice covers content distributed through new and digital media, television, film, and online subscription platforms.

We also work closely with tech startups, fashion and beauty influencers, and talent to build, distribute, and protect public presence and personas. Our attorneys’ backgrounds in business, fashion, and the arts allow us to advise on, and negotiate, talent and right of publicity agreements, media rights strategies, and brand integrations through social media networks.


Moisan Legal provides guidance to real estate funds, restaurant conglomerates, private equity funds, venture capital funds and hedge funds. Our clients are sophisticated businessmen and women who demand creativity, flexibility, and execution from their counsel. Within the venture capital community, we represent both startup companies seeking venture capital funding, as well as individuals, angels, micro-venture and venture capital firms.  We have the experience, tools and insight that this marketplace demands.


Moisan Legal provides in-depth intellectual property counsel at all points of business development. We work closely with our clients from the beginning of their business endeavors to identify existing intellectual property rights as well as at advanced stages of business operation to effectively open new revenue streams from intellectual property ownership.

Our intellectual property practice focuses on trademark, copyright, trade secrets, design patents, and unfair competition matters. We routinely advise sole proprietors, start-ups, and mid-size businesses of all kinds on protecting, branding, marketing and monetizing their intellectual property rights in both products and services. Our counsel spans all stages of registration, licensing, arbitration, and protecting intellectual property rights to develop, protect and increase the value of our clients’ portfolio.


Our attorneys have successfully completed a full range of M&A transactions on both the buy and sell side at all stages of development. We implement a client-centric approach that reflects the client’s business and personal objectives, business profile, as well as the unique nature of the specific transaction.

In addition to negotiating, drafting and reviewing business sale offer letters and agreements, we advise and assist business owners and investors with a wide range of issues including:

  • Advising on practical business and financing issues related to the transaction
  • Assisting with the selection of the right business entity, such as partnership, Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation or C-Corporation to secure the most desirable tax benefits and liability protection
  • Advising on employment matters attendant to business transactions including contingency on the continued employment of employees and relocation issues
  • Advising on discovering and managing liens and other corporate liability issues
  • Negotiating terms and structure of earn-outs as part of compensation for sellers
  • Advising on the laws of local jurisdictions affecting the business as well as any applicable licenses and permits required for legal operation of the business